Can CBD Be Combined With Alcohol?

People around the world are experiencing CBD’s ubiquitous influence at present. With its rising popularity, people are mixing it in everything. An online search will show you the availability of various CBD-infused food, beverages, topicals, beauty products, and even apparel. Mixologists have also introduced this compound to make their signature drinks. However, the question arises, is combining CBD with alcohol safe? Before that, let’s dig into some information regarding both the substances.

Knowing About CBD And Alcohol

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychotropic active ingredient of Cannabis with various health benefits. Although its usage dated back centuries ago, current studies show that it has therapeutic benefits. Cannabidiol can prevent and treat several chronic diseases and their symptoms, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. The users can count on quality products like Sunday Scaries CBD to alleviate many psychological ailments, namely stress, and depression. For its proven healing effect, the FDA has even approved the CBD-based drug Epidiolex as a treatment for childhood epilepsy.

Alcohol is produced when yeast breaks down the sugar in grapes, grains, or plants. It is a sedative drug that adversely affects the central nervous system. Low doses of alcohol can induce a feeling of euphoria and talkativeness. High doses can lead to chronic illnesses like heart and liver diseases, respiratory problems, mental confusion, and cancer.

Can You Combine CBD With Alcohol?

CBD and alcohol are two distinct substances with varying effects when consumed. Drinking alcohol can reduce inhibitions and promote a feeling of relaxation. But again, binge drinking can impair judgment and let people behave regrettably.

CBD has almost similar relaxing effects. It reduces anxiety and relaxes your mind and body. However, high doses of this compound do not pose any severe or life-threatening side-effects.

Many experts believe that combining these two substances can produce some long-lasting effects. Alcohol may cause a more intense effect, and many anecdotal references show that the combination is more sedative in nature.

The experts even say that high doses of both drugs together can increase the sedation to the extent that there can be a loss of control and a reduction in motor skills.

However, the effect of CBD is individualistic, so predicting specific consequences while combining both the drugs is complicated.


What Did Research Say?

In a 1979 research, ten persons were administered CBD capsules. A few participants received CBD with orange juice, and some got CBD with alcohol. The rest of them received a placebo. The result shows that CBD with alcohol has reduced blood alcohol levels than alcohol given alone. But in both cases, there was no difference in the impairment of motor skills.

A 2013 animal study reports that transdermal delivery of CBD can decrease the neurodegenerative effects caused by alcohol use disorder.

Another 2014 study on mice shows that antioxidant qualities of CBD can prevent damages to the brain that occur with severe alcohol consumption. It reduces oxidative stress on the liver and protects it from fatty liver diseases.

In a more recent 2019 research, researchers have found that cannabidiol can reduce alcohol drinking, inflammation, and alcohol-related liver and brain damages in people with alcohol use disorder. Also, CBD can be used for alcohol withdrawal.

All the above studies are quite limited and mainly conducted on animals. However, this shows that CBD may counteract the effect of alcohol on the body.

Is The Combination Safe?

Excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental to health. It can adversely affect the physical and psychological well-being of a user. The consumption amount and the percentage of alcohol present in the drink contribute to the consequences of drinking. Instead you shoud check the best CBD drinks, they are all alcohol free.

CBD, on the other hand, is well-tolerated and produces minimal side-effects with high doses. With quality products, cannabidiol can provide a plethora of health benefits without any intoxicating effect. As the information is limited, taking both in moderation may be a safe option. But, it will be better to take advice from your health practitioner before trying this combination.

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