5 Flavored CBD Drinks For A Fresh Mind

CBD drinks are navigating through a market boom currently. The compound has proven beneficial to improve focus, enhance energy, elevate sleep quality and reduce stress. These beverages bring together the potent benefits of CBD with the versatile flavors of fruits and florals. The absence of THC in these beverages is an appealing factor for many novice users who are enthralled to try this powerful compound.

Starting from infused coffee, tea to alcoholic beverages, the world of CBD drinks is wide and brimming with seamless choices. Right now, people can enjoy these flavored drinks that balance the effects of stress and anxiety on the body and fuel your system, along with a fantastic taste.

If you are tired of the earthy taste of raw CBD oil, add these delightful drinks to your routine that is a healthy and pleasing way of relishing the benefits of cannabis.

1. Sweet Reason’s Sparkling Water


Having a refreshing start to your day is essential to stay focused and carry out day-to-day activities with ease. The CBD-infused sparkling water range by Sweet Reasons is a perfect cannabis beverage to begin a bright and energetic day. It will excite your taste buds with flavors while inducing a refreshing feeling to your mind and body.

The range comprises four bold flavor profiles – grapefruit, cucumber mint, lemon rhubarb, lavender strawberry. Each of these blends contains the goodness of CBD paired with aromatic and energizing ingredients. It can enhance your focus and keep your mind calm and prepared for the day.

The flavored sparkling water contains no-sweeteners or added sugar. Each 355 ml bottle contains about 10 mg of hemp CBD. These drinks are a healthy choice to include regularly.

2. Sparkling CBD


Sparkling CBD beverages launched flavored sodas infused with broad-spectrum hemp extracts. They are crafted with natural flavors and organic sweeteners that make them a healthy choice for regular intake. The beverages are also a fantastic vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and preservatives-free option to enjoy.

Each can contains citric acid, 20 mg of hemp extracts, organic agave nectar, natural flavors, and sparkling water. These incredible ingredients together create a bubbly and delicious drink to relish. A sip anytime of the day can make you feel calm and collected with its crisp agave nectar flavor.

There are about five flavors for users to try – cola, ginger ale, lemonade, root beer, and black cherry. These sodas are also a lovely choice to create traditional cocktails at home. They can introduce delightful flavors to the drink apart from adding a touch of CBD. Alternatively, you can prepare drool-worthy CBD cocktails using a few drops of Lazarus Naturals CBD to enjoy a lovely day.

3. Recess Sparkling Water

Recess introduces a smart new way to enjoy cannabis-infused drinks through their sparkling water. The product promises to reset and rebalance your mind to feel fresh and energized throughout the day. These drinks contain the goodness of real fruits and natural adaptogens and are a healthy antidote to cope with the effects of stress and strain.

The range consists of six vibrantly flavored low calorie, low sugar sparkling water in bright-colored cans. The flavors include pomegranate hibiscus, blood orange, coconut lime, blackberry chai, peach ginger, and black cherry. The drinks contain a blend of American ginseng, L-theanine, and lemon balm, along with broad-spectrum CBD derived from high-quality hemp. These herbs combine to provide extraordinary relaxation and calmness to the mind and body.

4.  Calm CBD Infused Drinks


Calm presents the most versatile range of CBD-infused beverages. From cold coffee to cola, the wide variety of beverage choices is marvelous. Each drink comes loaded with about 10 mg of CBD that provides a refreshing and energizing feeling. True to its name, the brand stands to create drinks that help calm the wavering mind from distractions and stress and give yourself some time to relax and rejoice.

The beverage range consists of zero sugar cola, orange-flavored multivitamin sparkling water for immunity boost, mixed berries and lime and mint sparkling water, cold brews of caffe latte and americano, and hot chocolate.

The products use 100% vegan ingredients, such as oats instead of dairy, natural flavorings, and ingredients, to create low-calorie, low sugar drink ranges with impeccable flavors. These drinks are the perfect choice to rehydrate healthily.

5. Queen City Hemp’s Seltzers

The Seltzers created by Queen City Hemp are among the best CBD-infused drinks to try. The drinks are enriched with organic full-spectrum hemp extracts and contain about 5 mg of CBD per serving. The unique formulation helps the brand create gluten-free, caffeine, sodium, and sugar-free beverages filled with natural flavors.

Each can contains carbonated water, natural flavorings, 7mg hemp extracts, and potassium sorbate. Together, they create a rejuvenating drink that includes the therapeutic goodness of terpenes and flavonoids.

The seltzers come in five natural fruit flavors – blood orange, guava, passion fruit, lemon lavender, and Lazarus lime. The perfect blend of these energizing fruit flavors with the relaxing effects of CBD gives you a drink to relish any time of the day.


Try these exciting flavor cannabis-infused beverages that are drool-worthy and healthy. They contain the optimum dosage of CBD infused with ingredients that promise to elevate the wonderful benefits of cannabis. These flavorful drinks can brighten your mornings with a fresh mind.

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