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The Best Christmas Cookies All Over the World

If you have a sweet tooth, then holidays are synonyms with one thing: Christmas cookies. There is no better thing than cookies to celebrate the festivities of Christmas. But did you ever wonder where from your holiday cookies came?

If no, then we are here to provide all related answers. So, let\’s learn when did this unique tradition start.

A short history of Christmas cookies:

Like many other traditions, we can trace Christmas cookies\’ roots from the 10th or 11th century. In ancient times, people used to celebrate festivals with the sweet taste of cookies. However, from Norway to Africa, it became a tradition to celebrate the changing of the season. The very first cookies were neither too soft nor sweet.

First Christmas cookies

We can give credit for Christmas biscuits to Dutch people. The Dutch people use the term Weihnachtsplatzchen for the cookies, specifically for holiday treats. However, later Dutch people introduced their unique charm to the whole world in the 1600s. However, Dutch immigrants were the first who brought the cookies tradition to the USA. So, by the late 1800 or early 20th century, laws relaxed, and people started to trade cookies related items from Germany to the USA. If we talk about the first few graphics of Christmas biscuits, then these shapes come to mind.

  • Christmas trees
  • Candy canes
  • Reindeers
  • Holly
  • And Santa, along with many other shapes.

But the most popular version of the Christmas cookies is sugar cookies. In simple words, if you use the red or green color and cut the cookie in a different shape, then it counts as a Christmas biscuit.

Modern Christmas biscuits

In today\’s world, we can\’t even imagine the Christmas celebration without cookies. Thus, cookies have become very popular in different shapes, and we can store them for a more extended period. Before the invention of refrigerators, it was possible to bake cookies in advance and use them to treat visitors. In the 20th century, Americans used to cook on coal or wood stoves. But with the usage of gas range cookies became a sophisticated way to celebrate Christmas.

The most popular Christmas cookies:

Though the history of Christmas cookies started in medieval times, since then, the biscuits have evolved in many different regions and countries. Here are the following famous types of cookies that make an ideal appearance in every Christmas season.

Sugar cookies

The other name of these cookies is Amish sugar cookies. However, Moravians from Germany was the person who invented this recipe. Pennsylvania was the state that adopted the sugar cookies as their official state cookie in 2001.

Gingerbread cookies


These cookies don\’t have a direct link with Christmas. But these cookies were very famous all over Europe. Later many theories proved that Gingerbread is associated with Christmas. However, it\’s renowned for religious ceremony traditions.

Springerle cookies

These are traditional Christmas cookies that usually bake with anise in Germany and Scandinavia. However, the shape of these biscuits is effortless, like rectangular or triangle.

Spritz Cookies

These cookies are the base of the holiday season due to their delicious taste and fun shape. However, these cookies are made up of butter and cookie press. Moreover, it\’s effortless to make holiday designs for these biscuits. Scandinavia is the base country of Spritz cookies where they term traditional Christmas cookies.


In short, cookies have become a vital part of celebrating Christmas. The rich history is proving the importance of cookies. There are many other types of cookies. If you want to impress others with rich taste, then you surely need a good recipe. If you are looking for the best Christmas cookie recipes, then we have a suggestion for you. is the place that will help you to find traditional cookie recipes. So, don\’t wait further and check out the recipe of your favorite flavor to amaze others.

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