Copper Mugs

5 Drinks You Can Serve in Copper Mugs

Drinks are best served well-chilled but not watered down by the ice in it. You can achieve this by using copper mugs. These drinks do not have to be Moscow Mule although we included one recipe here to represent the Moscow Mule community.

Holiday Mule


Bring the holiday cheers with this cranberry and rosemary mule recipe. The cranberry juice, with its slightly bitter and sour flavor is balanced by the addition of the ginger beer.

Although summer is just approaching, this mule variant doesn’t have to wait for the Christmas holidays. Rather, it’s festive presentation makes it fitting for spring festivals, harvest festivals and Fourth of July celebrations.

Cuba Libre


The accounts of the creation of Cuba Libre, more popularly known as Rum and Coke in some circles, is understandably Cuba’s protest to American occupation. The name literally means Free Cuba.

The simplicity of this cocktail is enough to convince many to try this. Just topping a copper mug filled with ice to chill it, this rum and coke cocktail can be made by anyone else. Some recipes call for a few lemon squeezes to make a less sweet but tangy cocktail.

Spicy Pineapple


Break free from the boring and sweet cocktail recipes. For a moment, forget Piña Colada and think of a Spicy Pineapple cocktail.

This cocktail is spiced with jalapeños which is not that hot anyway. You may want to bring it to the next level by adding more jalapeños than is suggested in the recipe. Jalapeños are not a variety of pepper that is not ignorable but can be a bit tame.

Jalapeño Summer Sizzle


We feel that there is no need to hide the peppers in this cocktail but to flaunt it to raise interest among your guests. While the Spicy Pineapple hid its jalapeños, this cocktail decided to be affront so there’ll be no surprises other than the one we are about to deliver.

Jalapeños muddled into the drink bring out the interesting aroma and flavors of the peppers. If that is too tame for your liking, you can switch it to some Serrano peppers.

Salted Caramel Apple Cocktail


With innovations and new techniques in the distilling and fermenting agency, it is easier to prepare signature cocktails. Salted Karamel vodka is one of new Stoli liquors that made its way to you so you can learn while locked in in an effort to find an end to the Covid 19 crisis.

Instead of indulging in salted caramel apple, we are giving you the cocktail.


From the plethora of Moscow mule and its variants, we are proud to introduce to you some drinks that are in no way related to Moscow Mule.

Here are a few copper mug drinks you can choose from the list. Surely, this can help ensure that only the best copper mugs are introduced with the expertly curated list of copper Moscow Mule, selected for your ease and comfort. Find more suggestions here to get the most of these cocktail blogs. 

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