3 Easy Steps to Find a Way to Lose Weight that Works for you

The usual method of losing weight people are confronted with is ‘calories in, caliories out’, aka – eat less. This is not always effective however, as research has shown that any diet which relies primarily on calorie restriction nearly always leads to people simply gaining the weight back after the diet has ended.

Fortunately, there are other methods of weight loss available: you simply need to find one that works for you.

Does Treatment Work?

The long term success rate of weight treatment is not something which can be relied upon, as the results (and the fact that a weight treatment plan still exists) shows that it is ultimately ineffective in the vast majority of people. What ultimately happens when people cut calories to the extent that many of them need to in order to drop weight solely through that means, is that the body simply begins holding onto the extra calories in a bid to keep from starving in what it interprets as a time of famine.

The Role of Metabolism

When you are hungry, as you will be if you restrict calories to any degree, what happens is that your metabolism changes dramatically, something which can make burning calories even harder than it was. The metabolism changes mean that simply trying to eat less will not be effective in working to lose weight – other methods will need to be attempted.

Finding A Good Diet

It is no secret that weight loss can result in a happier you, so instead of simply trying a calories in calories out plan, try this one instead: replace your refined carbohydrates (crisps, biscuits, bread, pasta, processed food) with foods like dairy, nuts, olive oil, good salad dressing, and plenty of good meat, vegetables, and fish. Eating till you feel full is recommended, as then you will be less likely to graze for snacks in between meals.

The pilot research which was done on this diet (remembering that this has only just been studied) suggested that most people would lose up to two pounds per week. This diet will be better overall because it does not count on you restricting yourself, and gives you plenty of healthy food with which to power your body.

Physical Activity is Essential


The best way to weight loss generally does not involve deprivation of any kind – but instead focuses on healthy redistribution of calories across the board. Exercise has not figured into this article, because, while exercise is indeed important, both for overall weight loss and for general mental and physical health, it is beyond the scope of what we discuss here. There is also the problem that exercise alone won’t cause major weight loss. Exercise is a very subjective thing; what works for one person won’t work for another one. There are guidelines, however, and they say that cardio is something which is just as important as, say lifting weights and learning martial arts. Cardio keeps your heart healthy, which in turn is something which helps in weight loss.

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