How To Hide Belly Fat In Swimsuits

How to Hide Belly Fat In Swimsuits? What Are the Most Common Causes?

You don’t need a reason to head to the beach or splash around in the pool. Lounging in swimwear is always a fun, relaxing experience. However, with COVID-19 a part of the world now, these chances are surely minimized. But if the reason behind canceling your beach or pool fun is not the pandemic but your belly pooch, then here’s how to hide belly fat in swimsuits.

It’s only common to have a muffin top or love handles. But that lower tummy bulge is simply not welcome in a bathing suit. Unless you’re okay with it of course. And if you’re not, then it’s only logical to choose a swimsuit that takes the attention away from your abdomen region. By either shaping it up or camouflaging it.

But First, 3 Most Common Causes of Belly Fat

1. Poor or unhealthy eating habits

The most delicious thing in the world is sugar. It’s a part of all the candies, cakes, drinks, etc. that we seem to love so much. But you should know that sugar reduces your ability to burn fat. And it slows down your metabolism while also increasing your weight.

Then there’s the high-carb diet and low-protein diet. Both are considered to be unhealthy in terms of weight and overall health. Did you know that protein keeps your stomach full for a longer time? So in the case of a low-protein diet, you’re more likely to over-eat other foods.

Next on the what-to-avoid list is trans fat. It’s directly linked to obesity. And that means cutting down on fast food, baked goods, and the like. Instead, replace it with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Along with whole-grain foods.

2. Lack of enough or any exercise

You may already know that consuming more calories than you’re burning causes weight gain. At such times, if you’re lifestyle is also not a very active one, then a belly pooch is only inevitable. So it’s necessary to keep the excess fat from forming around the abdomen by working out at least 5 times a week.

3. Excess alcohol consumption

Large quantities of alcohol increase weight around the belly. And let’s not forget that excess alcohol intake causes other problems too. Such as liver disease and inflammation.

So if you want to know how to hide your tummy in a swimsuit, then why not go all the way! When you can make your belly fat disappear permanently, why struggle with banishing it only temporarily!

How to Hide Belly Fat In Swimsuits

So what is the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge? Here are some expert tips you should keep in mind when choosing a bathing suit for your body type…

#1 High waist

This is always in style if you ask me. But irrespective of whether high-waisted numbers are in trend or not, they seem like the best option for supporting and shaping your belly pooch.

#2 Tiered ruffles

There is no shortage of swimsuit styles that feature tiered ruffles. Because belly fat is such a common thing among normal humans. Swimwear brands have designed bathing suits to disguise the extra fat in the abdomen and back. And one such very popular and stylish design is tiered ruffles that wrap around your torso

#3 Prints or patterns

Did you know that leggings feature tummy-control panels? The best ones are even designed with compression that shapes your natural curves and bulges. But that’s a great choice for when you hit the gym, isn’t it? What about the times when you want to hit the beach? For that, you have swimsuits with prints or patterns.

What prints and patterns do is take the attention away from your belly pooch.

#4 Solid, dark colors

It goes without saying that solid and dark colors look the most flattering as far as concealing bulges are concerned. No wonder black is the best color for plus size women. So you can play it safe by choosing a swimsuit that’s solid and/or dark-colored.


This brings me to the end of the tips on how to hide belly fat in swimsuits. So the next time you go shopping for bathing suits, you can keep these pointers in mind. And remember that your body is beautiful, no matter how curvy.

Now I’m not underestimating the frustration and confusion some women go through when trying to find clothes that shape the tummy. And not highlight it even more. I’ve been there after pregnancy, so I know.

The thing to remember is that you can always use different patterns, prints, styles, and colors to your advantage. You don’t have to lose the tummy pooch if you don’t want to. Just make sure you’re picking the right bathing suit.

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